Monday-1 Cornelia Parker Art

week 1 (5),

Monday, we looked at a collection of artist’s work, as a group we shared our reflective thoughts based on Cornelia Parker’s art. The first image of a shed was quite simple,  i thought this because it isn’t as exciting as looking at a brightly colored painting or fabric. I personally wrote down bullet points such as:




however, i also found the shed intriguing and mysterious, my firsts thoughts being ‘what was in the shed?’

as we discussed the image, another student described the image as ‘isolated’ and ‘lonely’ which surprised me because one of my words was ‘safe’ which contradicted their view points, i wrote ‘safe’ due to the fact that i personally associated the image with home, yet it opened up the idea that an image can mean different things to certain people, which i found interesting.

although i found the first image simple, the second image of the destroyed and reconstructed shed was very interesting, writing bullet points such as:

.broken, shattered  .light, shadow  .explosive, beautiful

This piece of art created amazing light patterns on the smooth white walls which contrasted the fragmented shed pieces, the image inspired me to look at the other artists mentioned in the lecture to see in which way they linked, i researched into Willard Wigan and was amazed by his work, it really made me think about scale and size which i then introduced into my visual studies, creating large scale drawings as well as small, more detailed sketches.


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