week 2- Task, passages and answers

Passage 1)

1)   The artists seem to be excited about seeing the artwork, they are descriptive at the beginning describing the journey and seem surprised by the artwork itself. They all seem to share a love for the topic of the art.

2)   The description of the piece is quite contraditcting, I gather from this that the piece itself is small yet its impact is the “huge” part of the description, it imagine the piece being modest, fading into the background until it is finally noticed and that’s where the piece has its grande impact, however the physcial descriptions of actually being able to fit into the piece could either be an indication of its scale or metaphorical.

Passage 2)

1)   the visual imagery personifying the wave, giving it human attributes such as decribing it as “barely wrinkled” and quiet to “grow” to breaking and this process continues, it sets the scene of a peaceful, relaxing environment.

2)   He sets out to look at one wave individually and its motions.

3)   He has difficulty separating one wave from another.

4)   The role of the author Is to decribe the motion of the waves, however he is also a tool used to create meaning behind the text.

5)   The wave can be representative of ways of thinking, just as one wave ends, another begins, similarily to the idea that our thoughts are continuous.

6)   Memories, desires, past, present, future, concious, uncouncious, are all different forms of thought.

Passage 3)

1)   The other departments don’t understand they role of the design areas, or that the mind is always creative.

2)   Design can be influenced by science and developing technology, as well as history and the way design has changed over time.

3)   Other departments use design, for example the english department might create a mind map, this mind map is influenced by design.

4)   Different media can produce numerous effects, one simple brush stroke can be the inspiration for a full project.


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