Week 3- Task Power of making, questions and summaries.

The power of making

Making plays a massive role in day to day life, not just for designers, but for the majority of people, from making a coffee in the morning or creating a beautifully crafted dress, somebody somewhere is making.

Today making is a broad term, it covers writing, craft, speech etc. For designers however it is a case of ADDING, SUBTRACTING and TRANSFORMING as a proccess for example. shoe making, glass making, flute making and crochet.

The themes that arise from the exhibition are;

.diverse ranges of making

.connecting with craft



.history passed down

.making in modern life

.’anyone can join in’

passage 2 is informative and descriptive and is appreciative of the craft, similarly to passage 3 which higlights how sad it is that craft artist are underestimated, however i find this particular passage preach like.


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