Week 4- Glossary of Designer Makers

.Designer:  Valerie Hegarty

.Exhibitions/ links:  

2007  Museum 52, London

Seascape, Guild & Greyshkul

Landscaping, Guild & Greyshkul

.Pieces:  sculptural pieces focusing on destruction.

.Designer: Deborah Bowness

.Exhibitions/ links: http://www.deborahbowness.com/

.Pieces: amazing selections of wallpaper, using photography of inanimate objects.

.Designer: Studio Koya

.Exhibitions/links: http://studiokoya.com/

.Pieces: creates uniquely shaped garments

.Designer: Lindsay Taylor

.Exhibition/links: http://www.lindsay-taylor.co.uk/

.Pieces: amazing sculptural pieces, as well as piece of jewellery combining nature and embroidery.

.Designer: Linda Colsh

.Exhibitions/links: http://www.lindacolsh.com/gallery.html

.Pieces:  print work that involves textured backgrounds, usually with a figure in the image.

.Designer: Melissa Zexter

.Exhibitions/links: http://www.melissazexter.com/

.Pieces: a combination of photography and embroidery to create textured pieces with added meaning a depth.

.Designer: Jillian Hurst

.Exhibition/links: http://www.artsthread.com/p/jillianhurst/

.pieces: in response to the environment she creates textile pieces to improve the well-being of disabled children.

.Designer: Emma Wigginton

.Exhibition/links: http://www.textileartist.org/emma-wiggington-trusting-intuition-finding-a-voice/

.pieces: focuses on manipulating stitch to create textile pieces.

Designer: Celia Birtwell 

.Exhibition/links: http://www.celiabirtwell.com/

.Pieces: creates gorgeous wallpaper and fabrics inspired by different era’s.

.Designer: Lesley Richmond

.Exhibition/links: http://www.textileartist.org/5-leading-textile-artists-inspired-by-nature/

.Pieces: beautifully produced wall hangings and artwork inspired by nature

.Designer: Kirsty Whitlock

.Exhibition/links: http://www.kirstywhitlock.com/Gallery.php

.Piece: uses mix media and experiments with stitch.

.Designer: Helen Edwards

.Exhibition/links: http://www.textileartist.org/tactile-mixed-media-textile-art/

.pieces: tactile, mix media, products




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