Contemporary practitioner-week 11, From the perspective of an object.

I used to be the centrepiece, standing pride of place on the windowsill for all to admire. I am hand crafted. Painted and glazed, covered in intricate patterns, immersed in detail with floral patterns to be swooned over. The reds, blues, oranges and occasional gold contrast my white coat.

I am dynamically shaped.

Unique in my sector.

I have five sides, curved with crisp edges and completed with precision, despite my good looks I am actually made for a purpose. I am made to hold short stemmed flowers of all colours and types. I once held in place twelve deeply shaded red roses, all velvety in texture. I held them for a full week until one slightly crispy petal fell from its stem and settled on the windowsill I stand upon. It was over. The flowers were taken away. Not to worry though, they were always replaced.

My surroundings were changing, the walls that usually complimented my delicate pattern work, were no longer. The walls changed from maroon to cream and the sofas from cream to black leather, I didn’t fit.

Soon I was being replaced! Replaced by a curvy, tall, cream sculpture.  I used to hold flowers of many types; I now hold washing up gloves, knives, forks, spoons and whisks. I am now the centrepiece of the kitchen. I hope to be moved back some day, after all, I am a vase and always will be.


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