Unconscious Minds


We were asked ‘how can play generate ideas for textiles?’


Play to me brings back memories of sticking and gluing, so I decided to go down this route as part of my idea development.


I gave eight 5x5cm cut outs of squares into a playgroup and asked if they could give these to the children to draw/stick/glue onto, when I received the squares back I was really happy with the results. Each square varied in colour and texture! I was trying to demonstrate that even through ‘playing’ design is being generated. I demonstrated this by taking up-close photographs of the squares and editing the colours and brightness. I loved the pattern that these photographs highlighted. I then explained how these images could be produced into prints and printed onto silk scarfs or maybe even a dress.


The idea that the basis for the design work was created by playing and that the results were unintentional brought about my ideas concept title of ‘unconscious minds’ the notion of designing unconsciously. 



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