Contemporary Practitioner Week 13- Grayson Perry Task 1

All in the best possible taste Short Account- focusing on the middle class episode, Grayson Perry interviews members of a middle class community in order to establish what it is that makes up a middle class home and community, he looks at the interior of homes as well as the objects within the home and its positional structures, whilst finding out a little bit more about the value of objects  within the home. Straight away Perry can deduce what  a middle class area looks like, i felt that as he interviewed its inhabitants there was a silent understanding of what it takes to have a middle class home, for example comments about aspirations to live better, a lot is based on income, objects in the home don’t match because it looks deliberate but there is an array of one off pieces that ‘fit’ together, cupcakes out on display not to be eaten but to be looked at. What Perry did find surprising was show homes bought and lived in, furnishings and all, which suggests a lack of individuality but a sense of efficiency, he approached this and took pictures of what he felt summarized or represented a middle class home to produce a beautiful tapestry weave.


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