Commercial Designer, Sustainable-Task

I agree / disagree

Our society values economic gain over the environment: Definitely! Consumers now are more interested in the price, quality and brand of product, and, most manufactures are in the business to make a large profit margin, whether or not it harms the environment or not. Of course this is with exception, for example M&S and H&M do a lot to enhance a sustainable environment.

Modern consumption habits cannot continue: Yes, whilst it may be beneficial to us as consumers to get the quickest and easiest products available, the resources used to achieve this can damage the environment. We should change the way we as consumers value certain products and perhaps choose the most sustainable, to prevent further damage to the future populations environment.

In the future our needs for ‘more stuff’ will be met differently: Definitely, as new technologies are developing and the use of fossil fuels will eventually run out, ‘more stuff’ might not actually be available, I personally think a lot of things will become virtual to prevent the manufacture of certain pieces of furniture or even building shops, whilst clothing may be produced completely differently.

It is up to the consumer to seek out sustainable products: I disagree that it is entirely up to the consumers to buy sustainable products, buying these will never stop other non-sustainable products from being produced or bought, mainly down to cost and unawareness.

It is up to designers to create desirable consumer goods that are sustainable: I agree that designers should perhaps create more desirable ‘sustainable products’ and advertise this fact! Perhaps a re-look into pricing will set the ball rolling on a sustainable living, yet the demand for sustainable products is not a priority within the market, which leaves the designers with less motive to manufacture these products, it is a balance between designer and customer.

Natural is always best: I agree that in some cases, natural is always best, for example, natural dyes prevent chemical dyes from polluting water, yet natural fabrics such as fur and leather in my opinion is never the best option.


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