Commercial Designer Task- Task 1

Task 1- materials within the seminar room.

4 Hard materials

Air vent– appears to be laser cut out of a form of sheet metal; it has a beautifully crafted pattern on it which is what drew me to it in the first place, this products main consideration is durability and practicality, yet it also has to look somewhat aesthetically pleasing because it is in an obscure place in the room. The design of this cannot be too complex because it is likely that it would have been mass produced, perhaps at a low cost.


Nail accessories– at the time, my friend was wearing an acrylic bow on her nail. The main considerations for this are attractiveness, target market and purpose. The purpose of this product is to be aesthetically pleasing but also being able to stay intact, its target market is the young female, which means its colour, shape and size has to be taken into account.


-Chair leg- the chair leg was made from metal, its main purpose is to be sturdy enough to maintain moderately heavy weights, mass produced on a huge scale, so cost is a big consideration.


-Shoe heel- the shoe heel was made from wood and rubber; it has numerous considerations, firstly it has to be durable, it has to be able to suit bad weather conditions and constant friction, it also has to suit the target market by being pleasing to the eye. The product has to sell but it is also produced on a large scale, due to this type of shoe not being a one-off product.


4 Soft materials

-Chair cushions- a synthetic blend, it has to be pleasing to the eye in order for them to sell, yet its primary considerations are comfort, durability, and safety regulations as well as the cost of mass manufacture.


-Fur coat- synthetic blend, not real fur! Again its considerations are, target market, sizing, aesthetics and durability.


-Hat- hand-knitted, made from wool, with the purpose of warmth, to keep the consumer warm whilst having the attractive appeal, rarely made, small batches being able to pay attention to detail.


-Bracelet- handmade ‘friendship’ bracelet, a mix of yarns plaited together, sole purpose of looking pretty whilst showcasing a symbolic meaning of friendship, considerations of colour and size. [online image, bracelets] [online image, nail art]


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