Commercial Designer Task- Trade show Bid

Task- Trade show Bid, (acting as the design team at well-known interior brand ‘Laura Ashley’).

We, as a team, feel that a trip to the interior and product TrGosford Meadow Paprika Red Floral Wallpaperade show ‘Maison&Objet’ in Paris will enhance and inspire the future of Laura Ashley Designs. This particular trade show is extremely influential within the interior design market and could help us develop new Fabric innovations, provide us with up to date on-trend imagery and visual concepts, and even introduce us to up and coming product innovation. As a team we feel that we should push the limits of the brand, whilst maintaining its roots and integrity, this trip will not divert us away from the ‘Laura Ashley’ identity but will help us develop ideas for the emerging trends this season.

We intend to utilize as much as possible from this trip, we feel that now is the right time to create the update on Laura Ashley as a brand, the Gap in the market gives us more room to experiment with new ideas whilst maintaining the most popular and purchased designs within store. With Brands such as Next and H&M becoming more popular with their home and interior sectors, we need to keep ahead. As a team we strongly feel that not going to Maison&Objet will hinder the future Design ideas of Laura Ashley Home, thus declining in sales and overall profit margins.

If we do get the opportunity to go we have set out particular roles within our group of 3, this gives us the opportunity to cover as much ground as possible; I, Jessica Thornton will be looking primarily at the new up and coming trends that look into the shapes and innovations of home living, analysing what appeals most to the consumer, whist April Heppell focuses on colour and fabric, and finally Lo Green is focusing on imagery and pattern. 3 of the 2014 designers of the year are going to attend to give talks amongst 5 rising names within the interiors world, this gives us the opportunity to discover and develop designs ahead of time, As a group we have noted down that Acrila and Greek street have stands at this Particular tradeshow, and these brands (although not a big) have a similar look to ours, so it will be interesting to see what and how they are displaying.

The show itself is free to attend; it is the 5th-8th September;


Flights- £119.38 per person x3

Accommodation- £540 for the group

Transfers- £50 there and back for the group

Additional costs- £200 for potential trend fabrics, books and items we may benefit from bringing back.

Total Expenses: £1,148.14

We hope that our Bid is strongly taken into account; this is an extremely important and beneficial investment for the Future of Laura Ashley Home.

Yours, The Laura Ashley Design Team. [online image] 






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