Commercial Designer Task- Design Process

Because I am currently partaking in the commercial designer specialism, it makes sense to discuss my current project. Designing with a brief in mind is new to me, so my design process might slightly differ to that of an actual commercial designer.

I was given a selection of trends to choose from, what appealed to me the most was the trend ‘documented’ it was a combination of fossils and bone structures with knitted and woven samples, alongside a few select keywords and an intriguing colour pallet.

I was also designing for a shop called Anthropologie, a very creative, artisan store, appreciative of the textile crafts.

With this in mind I started a mind map of words and information on my trend as well as Anthropologie to get the feel for both.

I began collecting secondary images of bones and fossils and just used a pen to develop simple line drawings; I then add colour and texture from these images and transformed them into cad drawings.

In order to uses these cad drawings and textures I needed to know what product I was designing, I was intrigued by the fashion and accessories at Anthropologie so decided to go in that direction, I conducted primary and secondary research on this store and of its competitors to see what was out their in the general market.

Creating mock up designs of pieces of jewellery, I began to wonder if I could utilise the craft side of Anthropologie and introduce a new knitwear jewellery line.

I researched into knitwear and already existing accessories which have been inspired by bones and fossils and found other new trends that combine all the aspects I was looking at, eventually I developed knitted fabric samples along side my sketches of the jewellery and analysed them and whether they would be suitable for Anthropologie.

To display my ideas I developed a board on the market, the trend, and my fabric samples, as well as a full research journal full of drawings and research that helped me develop my final ideas.


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