First week back!


It was good to get going again this first week back! Although I must say I felt thrown straight back into the roles of a textiles designer, trying to dissect and get to grips with each module brief. What I have noticed is that there is an increase in the theory and philosophy behind each module which helps us develop our individual take on our craft. There is also a projection into reality, and more of a focus on ‘the outside world’, where do we fit? For the advanced theory and context I want to focus on ‘the future work-space’ as I think this relates to me and my practice. I’m excited to develop my skills and to see what this year brings for me; a Designer maker specialising in embroidery.

What research topic am I interested in exploring?
‘The future work-space’ appeals to me the most, as a Designer, forward thinking is a must; therefore I feel it would be practical as well as interesting to look into what the future presents in terms of the work-space.

What is my specialism and role? How does this dictate what context I should look at for information on this research topic?
My chosen specialism is embroidery, and my role is that of a designer maker. These combined dictate a more primary based style of research.

What methods have been used by other researchers on this topic?
Forecasting predictions, qualitative research, statistical research and observations.

What methods might I use that will bring my research topic and my specialism together?
Personas- based on the lifestyle of perhaps embroiders, observation based on that of designer makers, in a practical format, interviews and maybe narrative analysis.


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