week 8 – future workplace writeup

The future workplace involves; technology, will communication become entirely remote? The physical workplace, where will i be, a factory? a group office space? home?, The idea of prediction, will my future workplace involve a projection in handmade products and a face to face approach to buying and selling, or will technology overpower the handmade craft and everything become machine designed, produced and sold, with a lack of face to face contact between buyer and seller, even a lack of face to face meetings between clients, communicating via email and phone.

will I be needed? in an environment now where technology is advancing and efficiency is encouraged, will the invention of 3D printing mean the average consumer could design and make any product within the security of their own home? meaning that I as a designer maker would have developed skills that are no longer needed.

could I potentially predict my own future workplace by analysing those before me who predicted theirs?

From modernity, growing markets and an increase in demand, there was a shift from handmade to machine industrialisation, however now i see an increase in the value of handcrafted products.


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