Placement week 1


The welcome- I had a very warm welcome and instantly felt comfortable within this unique little shop in which i call my new work environment. At present i am learning how high quality design and craft is achieved!

Customer profile- I was instantly able to observe how chrissie dealt with clients, watching how she spoke in a friendly manner, offering advice and direction. Stating how someone with a pink complection would better suit cooler colours in a hat such as blues and purples, as it distracts from a flushed face, such details were things that i hadnt considered when selecting accessories and gave me insight into not just buyer/seller communication but how design is influenced by customer profile analysis.



Practical making- I was also so excited to start the process of making! As a surface design student i am naturally drawn to pattern and fabric design which results mostly in samples and experimenting, so as of yet i havent had the opportunity to practically develop my samples into a product! Part of this placement ensures i learn the process of making, pattern cutting and construction specifically hats and accessories!!


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