Placement week 2

Making-  a zip up bag is my first creation, i felt a real sense of achievement and satisfaction, knowing that i can make quality products to be sold in store gives me a new found sense of confidence!


I then progressed on to hat making,  creating an adele cap from start to finish, Along side a neck wrap both in store ready to be sold!



Research- I was also involved in sourcing inspiartion and research by looking through magazines such as ‘oh comely’ and ‘the hat’ which resulted in a ‘ summer icecream’ hat collection that refelcted the pastel icecream colour palletes such as strawberry pink, minty green, bluberry grey and lemon sorbey yellow!


Styling- it was then a case of styling the accesories to symbolise and give relevance to the concept. Teaming the hats with corresponding items and a simple summery glass&straw combo to complete the look! I found it was an enjoyable exercise and taught me a lot about composition through the eyes of a client!

pricing/market- chrissie gave me quite an in depth overlook on pricing items, comparing highstreet to bespoke, mass production to one offs and mass market to, in this case, a woman with singular tastes, stating that in her case a woman usually needs confidence and perhaps doesnt mind attention when wearing her items, specifically hats! Comparing both niche and high end markets, and for a designer maker charging by the hour + time + materials.


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