Placement week 2

Making-  a zip up bag is my first creation, i felt a real sense of achievement and satisfaction, knowing that i can make quality products to be sold in store gives me a new found sense of confidence!


I then progressed on to hat making,  creating an adele cap from start to finish, Along side a neck wrap both in store ready to be sold!



Research- I was also involved in sourcing inspiartion and research by looking through magazines such as ‘oh comely’ and ‘the hat’ which resulted in a ‘ summer icecream’ hat collection that refelcted the pastel icecream colour palletes such as strawberry pink, minty green, bluberry grey and lemon sorbey yellow!


Styling- it was then a case of styling the accesories to symbolise and give relevance to the concept. Teaming the hats with corresponding items and a simple summery glass&straw combo to complete the look! I found it was an enjoyable exercise and taught me a lot about composition through the eyes of a client!

pricing/market- chrissie gave me quite an in depth overlook on pricing items, comparing highstreet to bespoke, mass production to one offs and mass market to, in this case, a woman with singular tastes, stating that in her case a woman usually needs confidence and perhaps doesnt mind attention when wearing her items, specifically hats! Comparing both niche and high end markets, and for a designer maker charging by the hour + time + materials.


week 4- Task, Lindsay Bloxam questions and answers

1)      How did Bloxam get into designer making?

Lindsay Bloxam established a form and style of decorative lighting that became the key to her success as a designer maker by the end of her post graduate studies. She developed an outstanding reputation in her own field and has had a major influence on lighting design.

2)      How does Bloxam address the relationship between designer-maker and context (e.g. designing for a service or product)?

Bloxam addresses the fact that before going into a market you should have a fully developed and worked out product, this helps that particular market establish what your aims and intentions are for this product and what areas to focus on. Asking buyers is described as being a very important part of relating to context due to the fact they will be the ones to purchase the product, for example, buyers were concerned more about the colour for Bloxams lampshade.

3)      Where and how does Bloxam sell and promote her work?

Bloxam describes Trade shows as being particularly important; this is where her work gets a lot of exposure to the press and trade magazines who in turn advertise her work, which brings in clients. She also owns a small shop that she sees as an extension of her studio, yet it is a key place for the interaction with clients.

4)      What virtues does Bloxam link to designer-maker?

Hard worker, self-motivation, flexibility, perseverance, you have to be good with people and be ready to take on every job that you would find on a normal company.